Ensure Your Car’s Safety at Home: Four Easy Ways

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Even as technology and science enhances our ability to secure our homes, criminals and thieves are also using the same technology to perpetrate crimes. Even if you think a locked garage is enough to protect your vehicles, it might only be the simplest way to secure your property. Parking on your driveway or garage is the best way to keep your car safe. But, thieves can still choose to strike even if your vehicle is right at your home. Here are some extra measures that you can undertake to ensure your car’s safety.

Secure your garage

One surefire way to stop car thieves is to make sure that your garage is secure. The details matter when it comes to security, such as safety sensors or worn springs. There are companies offering parking gates repair services to ensure the security of your home near your Surrey home. In many home break-ins, the burglars gain access through basement windows and garage doors. It is best not to leave your remote control in your car. Instead, opt for a key chain remote. Also, make sure to lock the entryway towards the inside of your house.

Make a quick getaway difficult

Another effective trick that you can use is to drive your car forwards into your garage or driveway. You can also turn your wheels over the curb of the street, or towards another car. These things will help deter any criminals from getting away if they succeed in breaking into your car. They will have to do some maneuvering, enabling you to call the police or at least get a good look at them.

Invest in surveillance

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Sometimes the best security measure often involves investing in technology. There are many home surveillance options, such as CCTV cameras, motion detectors to light sensors. These can alert you when a break-in occurs and you’ll be able to get the evidence you need to report it to the authorities.
At times, the presence of CCTV surveillance may even stop criminals from taking your car. Make sure that your cameras are positioned in such a way that they can be seen. You can even put up a sign that indicates that your place has a CCTV system. That should make thieves think twice about breaking into your home.

Lock your steering wheel

If you’re keen about getting some serious extra precaution, then you should look into getting a steering wheel lock. This type of device can act as a visual deterrent against thieves. When they see that your wheel has a lock, they might change their minds about stealing your ride This is because taking the lock off can take extra effort and time.

Locks like these can be very handy when you’re parked outside your home, but you can also use them even if your vehicle is sitting inside your garage. After all, more preventive measures can’t hurt. You can’t always predict when or where car thieves may strike. At times, they can still be around even when you’re at the safety of your own home. Keeping your car safe with these measures can help you have more peace of mind, letting you prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.

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