3 Home DIYs That’s Perfect for Summer

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Summer with the longer days and more sun should captivate you. All those hours of free time can mean tons of adventure. With the kids all out of school for their summer break, these times spell a lot of bonding time for the whole family. With America slowly easing itself out of the clutches of the virus, there may be no better time to enjoy the outdoors.

But summer also opens a wondrous opportunity for your precious abode, one you should take advantage. Specifically, it’s the perfect time to do home renovations? The prospects of working through your summer instead of enjoying it in the best beaches America can offer may sound daunting — if not outright revolting.

Nevertheless, think about it from the perspective of timing. When you factor in the necessary DIY projects in summer, your property will be more than ready to take on the colder months, and you can gladly let visitors in without issues.

There are a number of renovations that are ideal to do in the summer. Even better, finishing these projects is a big boost for everyone in the family. Summer is definitely a lot more exciting with these DIYs factored in.

Install a Porch Swing

Think of the possibilities. With the scorching sun above your head, a porch swing is just the right place to spend those lazy summer days, watching your children running through the yard with the family dog. Best of all, a swing can give your little ones hours of enjoyment. It’s no coincidence that some of the best memories a child can have are those spent on the swing. But there’s more to a porch swing than meets the eye. Not only can it be a source of pure joy and excitement, but it can also help develop your children’s motor skills, just as swings in playgrounds can.


Surprisingly, a porch swing isn’t hard to build. It requires only simple materials that are not too pricey. What’s more, you need basic tools to construct one, and most hardware stores are equipped with the components you need to build a porch swing. You can even buy the chains or ropes in sets designed for your immediate purpose. Just remember to make the porch ceiling sturdy enough to hold everyone’s weight.

Get That Patio Going

Another great DIY for you is designing and installing a garden patio. Conceive a unique paved garden that can be the perfect space to spend quality time with the family. It sure is a timely upgrade to your backyard. In doing so, you’ve given your family a wonderful option to spend the time outdoors.

While you can choose not to have one, a roof over your patio can expand your options even more. Then, you can enjoy the cool breeze outside without having to strain yourself against the heat of the sun. Towards that end, a good choice of roof would be polycarbonate corrugated roofing sheets. Not only will these not give in to rust (like G.I. sheets) and are virtually indestructible, but they also are good protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun.

A good trick to get your patio job done is to use precast concrete pavers instead of using individual bricks or pouring concrete slabs. That way, you save money and time. Additionally, you need not spend much on hardscaping materials as they’re largely inexpensive. Use crushed stone or use a paver base. To keep things joined, use polymeric sand.

Insulate Your Crawl Space

Here’s a project that gets you ready for the sweater months. When you insulate your crawl space, you ensure that warm air stays within your precious abode and not out and under during the colder months. Definitely, you’d be at a loss on how to get this done if you do this when the snow has come.

Indeed, summer is the perfect time to strengthen this place as you would need to crawl frequently to get this DIY going. A good way for you to finish your insulation job is to use a thermal camera. The ability of infrared to capture outstanding heat signatures can speed up the job like no other.

Once you’ve successfully insulated your crawl space, that should free your precious abode of the torments of molds and mildew to a large degree. You might think molds are a non-issue. But if you don’t take care of these prolific spore breeders, you risk your family’s health. Uncontrolled, molds can cause wheezing or a stuffy nose, not to mention trigger asthma and allergies.

Even better, when you’ve insulated your crawl spaces, your floors are kept largely warm — giving everyone a better shot at health. At the time of the virus, it’s a treasure trove.

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