Creating a Gender-Neutral Home in 8 Ways

Choosing a gender neutral design for home

Designing a home that all genders will appreciate is ideal. There are ways to make it all-gender friendly without looking too boring or over-the-top. For example, using plywood for your interiors so you can paint them with neutral colours could go a long way. With that, here are some ways to design a house that both men and women will like.

Creating Colors and Balance

1. The “bones” of a house should be in neutral colours. This includes the walls, lighting, the draperies, and pieces of furniture. Setting these up in neutral gives you some leeway with other pieces. You don’t have to turn everything in the room neutral, but only the “bones” so that it looks as a whole.

2. You can still use patterns when designing or decorating. Don’t be intimidated with patterns. It’s good for the many parts of your house that need some pizazz. Choose patterns that aren’t too feminine or masculine. There are neutral-prints that every gender will like. Plaid is one example of that.

3. Creating a neutral-base design doesn’t mean you can’t use colours anymore. Colours like grey, mauve, and cream are nice colours that may seem neutral, but work well in many areas of the house. These are also gender-friendly colours. Ask the people you live with if they’re okay with such colour choices. Talk about it and then decide.

Compromise and Decisions

4. As mentioned, it’s important to compromise when choosing colours, decors, and other designs at home. Make sure that everyone is okay with all the choices so there won’t be arguments in the long run. Decide on themes as well. The choices of themes range from cottage style to industrial, etc. As always, get everyone’s approval for this.

5. A masculine foundation is more neutral. With that, you can opt for this foundation at the start of the design process. You can work your way from them adding splashes of colours and some prints. Just don’t overdo it so that it stays neutral.

6. You can still add some feminine touches in a gender-neutral home. Adding delicate pieces like lace, glass, or velvet give some feminine touch to a home. You can also add a brightly-coloured piece of art to give it some texture and life.

Creating Your Dream Home

Home Exterior of House with Landscaping

7. Having individual personal spaces for his and hers allow people to design as they like. You can take pieces you like, colour it the way you like them, and design them however you like according to your taste. Your personal space is all yours so make sure you personalize it as much as you can.

8. Lastly, have fun. You can still create a beautiful home even with all the compromises you’re doing. It’s important to enjoy the process and have respect for each other’s preferences. It’s how you can come up with a great design.

Creating a gender-neutral home is all about having fun. Though you may have some disagreements with colours and other design aspects, it’s important to decide together in the end. Your house is where you’ll live for a long time and you must come home to a place you’re most comfortable in.

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