Surprising Ways to Create More Space in Your Home

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If you are like most people, you probably wish you had more space in your home. Extra space is always a welcome addition, whether for storage, a home office, or just to make your living space feel more open and airy. But if you think that the only way to get more space is to move to a bigger house, think again! Plenty of ways to create more space in your home without packing up and moving. Here are a few of our favorite tips.

1. Get Rid of Unused Belongings

One of the quickest and easiest ways to create more space in your home is to get rid of stuff you no longer need or use. Be ruthless when going through your belongings—if you haven’t used them in the last year (or two), chances are you won’t miss it. Once you’ve sorted through everything, donate or sell what you don’t want and only keep what’s truly important. This will not only free up physical space in your home, but it will also declutter your mind.

You can also try renting a storage unit for items you want to keep but don’t need daily. This is an excellent option for seasonal items, holiday decorations, or extra furniture. But make sure you only use it for items you know you’ll actually use again—otherwise, you are just paying for storage space you don’t need.

2. Use Over-The-Door Organizers

Over-the-door organizers are great for small spaces because they make use of otherwise wasted space—the back of doors! These handy organizers can be used for anything from storing cleaning supplies to holding craft supplies or toiletries. You can even find over-the-door shoe organizers that are perfect for small apartments or houses where there isn’t a lot of storage space.

Make sure to measure the back of your door before buying an over-the-door organizer to know which size will fit perfectly. And if you want to get really creative, you can even DIY your own over-the-door organizer with some fabric and a few hooks.

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3. Invest in Some Multipurpose Furniture

Another great way to save space is to invest in some multipurpose furniture. For example, a coffee table with built-in shelves can provide both surface area and storage space. Or, if you don’t have a guest room, consider investing in a daybed or futon that can double as a sofa during the day and a bed at night.

You just have to get a little creative when it comes to multipurpose furniture. For example, an ottoman with built-in storage can be used as both a coffee table and a place to store blankets and pillows. A trunk can also serve as both a coffee table and extra storage space. And if you are really short on space, try a Murphy bed that can be folded up into the wall when not in use.

4. Covert Your Loft or Attic

If you have a loft or attic, chances are it is just being used for storage. But with a bit of effort, you can turn it into a usable space. For example, you could convert it into a home office, a playroom for the kids, or even an extra bedroom. Just make sure to add some insulation and a few windows to make it more comfortable.

Also, hire a reputable loft conversion company to do the job. These professionals will know how to properly convert your loft or attic so that it is safe and up to code. You should also get quotes from different companies to ensure you’re getting the best price.

5. Utilize Vertical Space

One of the best ways to make a small space feel bigger is to utilize vertical space. If you have high ceilings, take advantage of that extra space by hanging shelves or racks from the ceiling. This is a great way to store items that you don’t often use, such as holiday decorations or extra clothing.

You can also try using corner shelves to make better use of awkward spaces. And if you have a lot of books, consider getting a ladder so you can reach the higher shelves. Make sure everything is properly secured, so it doesn’t come crashing down on your head!

There are plenty of ways to create more space in your home without packing up and moving to a bigger house. These tips should help you make the most of your space and declutter your home in the process. So what are you waiting for? Start decluttering today!

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