Beating the Heat: How to Keep Cool at Home During Summer

woman exhausted from the heat

Summer is generally known to be a fun season, as it’s the perfect time to have a picnic, host a cookout, go camping or hit the beach. It’s also a great time to get out and about wearing light summer clothes and enjoying, if only briefly, glorious sunshine.

However, is there a way to keep cool at home without racking up a huge electricity bill? Consider trying the following methods:

Choose bedding and clothing choices

Do you toss and turn on your bed during summer nights? Your sheets might be the cause. Opt out of polyester, satin and silk sheets in favour of linen, cotton and rayon. Materials made of light fabrics are breathable and easier to sleep in.

The same goes for your clothing choices. Wearing loose, soft clothing helps to keep your body cool. Opt for cotton shirts and shorts so that you’ll feel comfortable despite the heat.

Swap your house lights

Although the soft glow of incandescent lights create a pleasant atmosphere, they also increase the temperature of the house. To make your house cooler, switch these light bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) or light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs. These types of lighting help keep your house cool and bring down electricity costs.

The colour of your house also affects the temperature of the area. Choose to paint your house with neutral or earthy colours to reduce heat generation in your living space.

Man cooling his neck using cold water plastic bottles.

Utilise window shades

While windows provide ventilation, they are also the source of unwanted heat. Using shades like binds and curtains helps lower a room’s temperature. If covering the windows during the day makes your residence too dark, consider installing residential window films. Aside from reducing the amount of sunlight coming from outside, they also prevent curious neighbours and passersby from peering into your home.

Invest in home improvements

Beyond blinds and curtains, installing home improvements like patios and awnings provide an extra layer of protection from the sun. Getting a new roof with more heat protection also helps reflect the sun’s energy rather than absorb it.

Add plants

Planting or adding foliage to your home not only provides beautiful landscaping to your yard, but they also offset the heat in your home. Flowers, shrubs and trees absorb heat and sunlight, reducing the temperature in the area and considerably lessening the discomfort brought by the heat.

Be aware of what plants you can maintain. For beginners, consider buying cacti, as they require less maintenance. Other drought-tolerant foliage that can provide shade to your home are sunflowers, banana plants and wormwood.

There are various ways to keep your house cool during the hot season. Most of these entail an upfront investment, but it will allow you to save on ongoing costs in the long run. Most importantly, you won’t have to struggle with the heat at home.

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