Avoid Electricity Bills of $200 or More During Summer

Florida ranks among the Top 10 states in terms of highest electricity costs in the nation. Electricity bills costing $100-$120 during winter can easily go up to $200 or more during hot summers. The recent renewable energy mandate, passed by the Florida legislature, will most likely send electricity costs skyrocketing — as state utilities are forced to switch to renewable sources of energy production. Take measures to limit your consumption and insulate yourself from the rising electricity costs.

Keep the Heat Out

Temperatures in Miami and in other parts of Florida, can get scorching — working your air conditioner hard and sometimes doubling the cost of your electric bill. While using more electricity for air conditioning is unavoidable, you can make sure the electricity you use doesn’t go to waste. Get some insulation for your house — particularly your ceiling. The sun beating down on your roof turns your house into an oven and insulation can prevent you from getting baked. Get proper window shades in Miami for your large glass windows. You can also tint them if you want, but window shades are less permanent and you can open or close them depending on the season. Proper insulation can cut your electricity consumption by up to 30 percent — especially during the summers.

Switch to More Efficient Appliances

Most of your electrical consumption during the summer is due to your air conditioner and refrigerators. Older models of these appliances use up a ton of electricity — which could be one of the reasons your electricity bills are so high. Switch to modern versions of those appliances, particularly ones that use inverter technology. Other appliances that uses the same technology are your washers and dryers. Inverter technology enables optimum power output control — allowing certain appliances to consume less energy and run more efficiently. Switching to more modern appliances can cut your electrical consumption by another 15 to 30 percent.

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Don’t Rely on the Grid

With state utilities forced to switch to 40 percent renewable energy by 2030 and 100 percent by 2050, expect those corporations to pass their spending on consumers. The best-case scenario would be a rise in electricity costs of only 10-20 percent — however, much higher costs are more realistic. Limit your consumption and dependence on the grid by producing your own electricity. The sun is always out in Florida, so why not make use of it? Get an 8-kW solar power system for your house. It might seem like a big investment — but it pays for itself in 5-10 years. An 8-kW system would cost you $16,000-$18,000 — but federal solar incentives reduce the cost by 26 percent, bringing it down to around $12,000-$13,500. Such a system can reduce your electricity bills to zero (or close to it) — covering your monthly payments with the savings on your electric bill and giving you free electricity for another 20-30 years. Once your house is making its own electricity, higher electricity rates won’t have much effect on your budget.

Higher electricity rates are looming on the horizon — but you can take measures to cut your consumption and reduce your reliance on the grid.

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