Creating an Aesthetic Outdoor Living Space: What to Do

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  • Outdoor living spaces are popular, with an ROI of up to 150% and a potential property value boost.
  • Essential aspects of aesthetic outdoor living space are sturdy flooring, greenery, and well-selected furniture and fixtures.
  • Furniture options should be comfortable and weather-resistant, including seating, dining, lighting, and shade.
  • Unique amenities like fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and fountains make outdoor living spaces more attractive and inviting.

In recent years, the concept of outdoor living spaces has gained immense popularity among homeowners. More and more people are investing in creating aesthetic outdoor spaces that they can use for relaxation, entertainment, and hosting parties. A recent survey by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) revealed that outdoor living spaces were among the top three most popular trends in residential landscape architecture.

The ASLA survey also found that 70% of respondents wanted outdoor living spaces that were comfortable and conducive to entertaining. This trend is not just limited to the United States. A British Horticulture Trades Association (HTA) survey found that outdoor living spaces were the second most popular garden trend among UK homeowners, after low-maintenance gardens.

It’s not hard to understand why outdoor living spaces are on the rise. For one, they offer homeowners the chance to extend their living area and enjoy the benefits of being outside, even at home. In addition, outdoor living spaces are known to boost property values. An article by Forbes stated that homeowners who invested in outdoor living spaces could see an ROI of up to 150%.

However, it can be challenging to design an outdoor living space that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Here are some tips for creating an aesthetic outdoor living space:

Consider Floor Design First

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The floor design is one of the most important factors when creating an aesthetic outdoor living space. A clean and stable outdoor floor is ideal, providing a sturdy foundation for all outdoor furniture and fixtures. This, in turn, ensures that everyone who uses the outdoor living space feels safe and comfortable.

However, while having well-designed and sturdy flooring is essential, it’s equally vital not to forget the importance of greenery. A garden or plant life brings added beauty and freshness to an outdoor living space, creating an inviting and calming atmosphere. It also has other benefits that can enhance the quality of life for those who spend their time in the outdoor space.

You can split the area into two parts: the outdoor deck being a livable space and the garden softer. You can contact an Indian paving supply company to help you choose the best stone for your outdoor patio.

Select the Right Pieces

garden furniture in the backyard

While the flooring and the greenery are crucial for creating a beautiful outdoor living space, furniture and fixtures are equally important. The right pieces can make or break the look and feel of your outdoor area. Careful consideration and selection of furniture and fixtures can enhance your outdoor space’s visual appeal and functionality. Here are a few of them:

Seating Arrangement

Outdoor living spaces are all about relaxation and comfort. So, the seating arrangement should be on top of your must-haves. Seating options can include lounge chairs, sofas, and outdoor benches.

When choosing seating pieces for your outdoor living space, consider durability and resistance to weather elements. Opt for wicker, metal, or outdoor-grade woods like teak, cedar, and eucalyptus. Investing in outdoor cushions will improve the overall look and make the seating area more comfortable.

Dining Area

Outdoor dining areas are perfect for hosting parties or enjoying meals with family and friends. A good dining area should have a spacious dining table and comfortable chairs. You can opt for a traditional dining table and chairs or a more informal setting with benches and picnic tables.

Consider the size and shape of your outdoor space when deciding on a dining table. Rectangular tables are perfect for long, narrow spaces, while circular tables are ideal for small areas. As with outdoor seating, opt for materials that can withstand weather elements to ensure that your outdoor dining area lasts for years.


Proper lighting allows your outdoor living space to take on a new dimension. Lighting fixtures can range from simple string lights to elaborate chandeliers. Whatever your preference, please ensure that the lighting matches the style of your outdoor space.

Solar-powered lights are an excellent option for outdoor areas as they are energy-efficient and provide a soft, warm light. Wall sconces, lanterns, and outdoor lamps are other lighting options. The proper lighting can create a cozy ambiance and extend the use of your outdoor space well into the evening.


Outdoor living spaces can be exposed to harsh weather conditions, so it is necessary to have a shaded area. Shade protects from the sun’s harmful UV rays and provides a comfortable, relaxing space during hot weather.

Umbrellas, pergolas, and awnings are common ways to provide shade in outdoor living spaces. You can choose the ones that complement your outdoor area’s design and ensure they are weather-resistant.

Build Attractive Amenity

swimming pool area

Of course, hanging out in your outdoor living space isn’t complete without some unique amenities. Depending on your area, you can add special touches to make it more attractive and inviting.

You can build a fire pit or an outdoor kitchen for entertaining guests. You can also install a water fountain or pond in the center of the area, making it an excellent spot for enjoying nature’s beauty.

Whatever you decide to do, please ensure that it complements the look and feel of your outdoor living space and is practical for use. Doing so will help you create an outdoor living area that everyone will love!

Final Thoughts

Creating an aesthetic outdoor living space is no small feat. It requires careful planning, design considerations, and attention to detail. But the result is a comfortable and inviting place you will enjoy spending time in for years. So get creative, plan carefully, and design your perfect outdoor oasis!

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