Adopt Meaningful Change with These Three Essential Lifestyle Trends

We’ve often heard that trends come and go, and consequently shouldn’t attach too much significance to them. But sometimes, trends such as sustainability arise in response to perceived needs or changes in our world; they are necessary, meaningful, and most likely long-term. Here are some significant lifestyle trends which may be here to stay for various reasons – and thus worth building around.

An adventurous lifestyle

The desire for adventure is hardly new; you’ve probably seen countless images and read many articles, self-published or otherwise, promoting far-off destinations and the general sense of wanderlust. Contrary to perception, this isn’t a ‘millennial thing’ – people have been globe-trotting as a leisure activity for decades. The difference is today’s young travelers are increasingly eco-conscious; they are as mindful of the potential environmental impact of travel and tourism as they are of finding Insta-worthy destinations and angles.

Having adventure in your life can be wonderful for mental health and physical fitness. To incorporate this lifestyle change in a positive way, implement green practices. Start by booking lodgings with a ‘Responsible Travel’ or similar designation. Pack lightly, observe proper waste disposal, and patronize sustainable establishments. Fly less if possible; overland travel to reduce emissions becomes more feasible if you relocate away from the urban jungle – this may be why new home builders are experiencing a boom in places like Townsville which offer proximity to outdoor destinations.

Non-material wealth

woman eating ice cream

Modern consumer culture constantly bombards us in various ways and forms with the message that more is better; purchasing material goods of some sort is the solution to life’s many problems. While some products do in fact help to address important needs, the problem with consumerism as a whole is that it can erode values, decrease happiness, and exacerbate issues raised by unsustainable production processes.

The response among many people has been to redirect taheir spending towards non-material wealth. One of the smartest ways to make this a great investment is through further education. Online courses are especially popular as a flexible means of learning new skills in your spare hours. If you have the time and resources, enrolling in a higher degree program provides distinction and personal fulfilment along with advanced career opportunities. And for people raising kids, it’s never too late to set aside additional income to secure their future education.


Through decades of developments ranging from globalization to the internet, social media, and now ubiquitous handheld devices, our world has become more interconnected and inclusive than ever. Yet one of the oldest barriers to building connections with others remains: that of language. English may be the world’s common adopted language (and that of the internet), but if you only speak English, you’re limited to communicating with just 20% of the world’s population. Learning a new language provides many benefits beyond expanding one’s reach on blog posts and social media; improved memory, better decision-making, greater empathy and understanding of others are just a few. It’s no coincidence that mobile apps to help you learn a second language are among the most popular downloads for any device platform.

These trends look set to stay as a response to our changing world. By taking these steps and finding other ways to incorporate them into your lifestyle, you can also adopt meaningful change and improve your daily living.

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