5 Bathroom Renovation Ideas for the DIYer

Man installing a faucet for the tub

Bathroom renovation doesn’t have to be expensive. Transforming your bathroom into a relaxing space is definitely achievable, but you may have to put a little more work and effort into it. If you’re still looking for renovation inspiration, this guide can help you.

Can a complete novice do a DIY bathroom renovation? Of course. Here are five of the best bathroom renovation ideas for the typical DIYer:

Update your bathroom fixtures

Over time, our bathroom fixtures become outdated. Fixtures like sinks, lights, faucets, and even the smallest details like the pipe clip or saddle clamp for our plumbing can degrade and fade in time. A good DIY bathroom renovation idea is to update these fixtures for a fresher look. Check out catalogs to browse for faucets, towel racks, and drawer handles. Sets are useful if you want your fixtures to go together, but you can always mix and match.

If you don’t want to spend much money on updating your bathroom fixtures, you can also salvage spare parts. For example, an old pipe can become a new towel rack after some creative conversion.

Repaint the walls

A cheap and easy way to give your bathroom a brand new look is to repaint the walls. But make sure you plan this carefully. Repainting the bathroom can take a lot of time since you have to be careful painting around windows, shower, mirror, toilet, and other fixtures. And since you have a relatively small space to work with, you need a lot of time and patience.

bathroom renovation

Get eco-friendly upgrades

If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom, take it as an opportunity to get greener options. Not only are you reducing your impact on the environment, but you’re also saving money. Examples of eco-friendly bathroom upgrades are low-flow toilets, low-flow showerheads, LED light bulbs, motion sensor faucets, and many more.

Do you want to save on bathroom decorations, too? Find some cool recycled pieces on craft sites or create your own. It’s cheap (recycled items will cost you nothing if you DIY) and it will give your bathroom more personality.

Integrate a laundry area

Most people living with a limited space constantly look for ideas to maximize their space. What’s a better way to save on space than to integrate your laundry room into the bathroom. When renovating, dedicate at least 27 inches of width space in the corner of your bathroom. Here, you can stack your washing machine and dryer for a comfortable, efficient space to do your laundry. Don’t forget to add shelving for your laundry supplies, too.

Refresh caulk and grout

Grimy calk and grout can make your bathroom look dingy, overused, and just plain bad. The good news is that cleaning your grout and refreshing the caulk is very cheap, easy, and can make your bathroom look brand new. If you don’t have the time or money to do a full remodel yet, consider doing this step first.

Giving your bathroom a new life can be easy, affordable, and incredibly fun. These five tips are just some of the best home renovation ideas out there that can give you amazing results, so don’t limit yourself to these. There is a multitude of possibilities, so be sure to maximize them.

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